How To Install Your Layered Storage System

Follow this simple, 6-step process to install the Garage Essentials Layered storage system.

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Simple Install

Assemble + enjoy off-the-floor storage in 6 simple steps.

Mark Studs

Draw a level line where you want your top shelf to be.

Secure Shelf Bracket

Referencing your marked studs, drill pilot holes and secure shelf brackets.

Install Faceplates

Attach the shelf's face plate corners, then the flat face plates to the shelf brackets.

Snap in Shelf Rod

Snap the shelf rods into the shelf bracket grooves.

Connect + Secure Shelf Supports

Secure the shelf supports to the wall using the included hardware.

Attach Bards + Hooks

Slide hook bars through desired shelf support and arrange each hook onto the hook bar.

Installation Instructions

Download here.

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