The Power of Layered Storage

Save space in your garage using a combination of layered hanging and bulk overhead storage.
Everyday and seasonal items will be neatly stored and quickly available. Here's how it works:

Store Anything and Everything

Durable, steel constructed frame is designed to handle items small and large. Lawn care tools, bikes, hobby supplies, sports gear and more, can all find homes on a Layered Storage System. Find a kit that works for your space.

Bike Kit

Hang up to 4 bikes within reach and stow long-term storage overhead.

Utility Kit

Hang frequently-used items on a variety of durable hooks and stow long-term storage overhead

Ultimate Kit

Hang up to 4 bikes and frequently-used items along the steel bars and stow long-term storage overhead.

3D Storage

Store More

Hang, stack and slide garage gear onto a Garage Essentials Kits using half the space. You’ll simultaneously take back your garage space and store more.

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